Cheap Charts

Not many bargains available for sailors — but these charts are a fantastic value.

Not really called Cheap Charts

NOAA chart 18729
NOAA chart 18729. Click chart to see order page.

It’s the frugalnavigator and said navigator has a chart bargain for you: They’re the real NOAA deal, printed on better quality paper than we used to get directly from NOAA and they’re up-to-the-minute accurate when they slide them into the mailing tube.

At $15.95 for each of the charts I need, these cheap charts will replace all of the marked up and stained (and possibly old) charts that live in my nav table.

How good a deal is that?

All of the charts I formerly used were $27 a piece from my old vendor.

And delivery is fast. My first chart was here in three days.

I know, you use your GPS/Chartplotter. And so do I, but when I need to plan a trip somewhere outside of my local area, I still like to see the whole route on paper. It’s easier – at least for me – to study it on a  large paper chart than it is to roll the cursor ahead on my chart plotter. And planning the route on paper is a good way to catch waypoint entry errors on your GPS.

If you’re a touch paranoid or a worst-case-scenario kinda sailor, you’ve already figured out that GPS could go belly up and these charts would be mighty handy, especially if they’re up-to-date.