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ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Bareboat Coaching

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“You’re just about ready to tackle this on your own, but you want a bit more practice before flying to Nice.”

ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising/ Bareboat Coaching

Preparation for a Med. cruise might include advanced coastal cruising bareboat lessons
Sailing in the Med. sometimes made us wonder why we’d left the Channel Islands

You’ve done all the basic maneuvers: You’ve tacked and jibed enough for it to be second nature, you don’t look at the wind indicator often, you can feel the wind just like they said you would. You’ve done a dozen man overboard drills, you’ve rigged jacklines and dragged your tether down the deck to get up to the snarled  furler, you can tie a reef in by yourself faster than the captain can think about asking for it. You can anchor your boat. You know that when you see a red light and a green light with a white light high in the middle that there’s a vessel coming right at you. And you know how to use the radar to move out of its way.

Preparation for a Med. cruise might include advanced bareboat lessons
Most charter companies in the Med want you to be tied up before sunset

But before you set out on your own, all on your own, you want to practice and refine those skills. Make more of it second nature. You want to sail at night. Hell, you want to do a man overboard drill at night. You want to get an LOP off Anacapa light and “dip it” as the beam zips over the horizon.  You want to anchor in a canyon, snugging your boat into 15 feet of water at the stern and held solid at the bow in 30 feet. You know how to do a Bahamian moor, but can’t figure out when it would be useful in the Channel Islands (probably never).

We actually prefer the Channel Islands, but have to admit that the food was better in France
Ten days of sailing the south of France.

You know a lot. You’ve done a lot. But you want a little more practice and a knowledgeable eye to watch one more time, someone to go over the possibilities and the dangers, tell some sea stories and learn a few more lessons over a glass of wine. at the end of the day.

That’s the gist of Advanced Coastal Cruising Bareboat Coaching. And we do it for free. Your only cost is renting the boat at the normal rates.

Give me a call and let me know what your charter plans are. I can help you plan your trip and then develop a training plan to help you realize your dreams.

Night sail
Prepping for a long night passage from Santa Rosa to Anacapa.

If you’re signed up to go to the Med. I’d ask if you can back into a slip …. in a crosswind.

If your answer isn’t, well hellyeah, give me a call – 805.750.7828 or e-mail

BTW – a prerequisite for ASA 106 is ASA 105 Navigation, which can be accomplished online. If you’re an experienced sailor with an extensive sailing resume, ASA 104 and 106 can be done concurrently.

Duration: four days/three nights. You also have the option of extending the cruise to five days, which includes the advanced docking clinic and certification.

It’s OK to bring friends who are just along for the ride.

And, of course, the ASA textbook.

Sail for just a few hours …. or several days

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