Dennis Dreith, AKA Bosun-Cookie-Sparky - Sail Channel Islands
Dennis Dreith, AKA Bosun-Cookie-Sparky

The Bosun – Dennis Dreith

The Sailing Yacht Sancerre’s second in command. And the chef of highest acclaim in our islands. And the guy who fixes stuff afloat. Hence – Bosun-Cookie-Sparky.

When not at sea, the Bosun can be found at his “land” job as the Chief the Independent Administrator of the AFM & AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund, overseeing various statutory royalties both in the US and abroad on behalf of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

The Bosun is also a film and television composer (The Punisher,

Dennis Dreith, AKA Bosun-Cookie-Sparky in his Sail Channel Islands chef's uniform
Gourmet meals afloat – not an easy trick.

Mobsters, The Shadow, Columbo), and has been an orchestrator and /or conductor for such pictures as Misery, Addams Family, Heart and Souls and A League of Their Own providing services for such noted composers as John Williams, Lalo Schriffrin, Dominick Frontiere, Marc Shaiman, Hans Zimmer, Eliott Goldenthal, Mark Isham and others.

Dennis was International President of the Recording Musicians’ Association (RMA) for more than 18 years and was a key participant in a multitude of major electronic media negotiations. An energetic advocate for legislative issues affecting the entertainment industry, he addressed the House Sub-committee on Intellectual Properties in support of Digital Performers Rights legislation that was signed into law by President Clinton in November of 1995.

Bosun finishing up the last watch of the night.
Bosun finishing up the last watch of the night.

“While I have sailed a number of spectacular locations, the Santa Barbara Channel remains at the very top of my list for great sailing experiences.”

A frequent panelist for music industry seminars, he has also been guest lecturer at a number of universities and a speaker at a variety of music education and related conferences. He is a former member of the faculty at UCLA Extension as well as a past member of the UCLA Advisory Board to the Department of Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts.

The Bosun began sailing in 2004 after taking his first lesson from Capt. Dan. Since that time the Bosun has earned ASA (American Sailing Association) 101, 103, 104, 105 and 106 ratings in addition to earning a rating as Sailtime Captain. The Bosun has spent considerable time sailing the Santa Barbara Channel, and exploring

Beach at San Miguel
February at San Miguel

its diverse islands. He has also skippered bare boat charters in the British Virgin Islands, Majorca, Spain and spent time in the Mediterranean cruising the South of France.

The Bosun also answers to “Cookie” doubling as ship’s cook and the ship’s sommelier (which he considers his most important, vital, even a sacred shipboard duty!). He is especially qualified in this last duty having founded GRAEF Winery. 

“One of our favorite meals is made in advance by Leslieanne – her now world-famous stuffed shells. It’s the captain’s favorite.”

“Lemon Square Bill” frequently puts together an enormous tray of – you guessed it – homemade lemon squares. We eat well aboard Sancerre, but time on the boat and kayaking seem to offset most overindulgence.”

“Come sail with us – this is not just a case of a Bon Voyage but also Bon Appétit“.

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