Hazards Anchorage

Loc: north coast Santa Cruz Lat: N34-06.0 Long: W119-49.2 Last visit: Dec 19
Tide/Sun/Moon/WX Dist: 9 Prisoner’s Harbor, Santa Cruz WX
Chart 18728 Santa Cruz Channel NPS Alerts
Skipper: Capt. Dan Boat: S/V Sancerre Capt. Dan Port: Channel Islands
Landing Permit Required Nature Conservancy permit app
Local Notice to Mariners

Hazards Anchorage

The anchorage lies about three-quarters of a mile west of Cueva Valdez and slightly less than two miles east of Painted Cave. Clearly not an overnight destination, it is suitable in settled conditions or when wind is S or SW.

Like most of the canyon anchorages at Santa Cruz, the bottom gradient is quite steep. We felt our way in, keeping a sharp eye on  the depth gauge, and anchored in 30 feet, which put us very close to the beach and the rocky outcropping. The bottom is sand and shell with some small rocks.

We were greeted by a raft of sea lions and a Mola mola {giant sunfish}. The adolescent sea lions were suddenly animated as we entered the anchorage. Raft, BTW, refers to sea lions sleeping in a close group with flippers and/or tails raised to warm in the sun. It was mostly curious juveniles that cruised out to see us and then escort our kayak around the cove. Sounds of angry adults (we think) echoed from the caves.

This is Nature Conservancy country, so you’ll need a permit if you want to go ashore.


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