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ASA 101 Ocean Sailing Basics

Lessons from Beginner to Advanced


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ASA 101 Ocean Sailing Basics is the first step and no previous experience or knowledge is required.

ASA 101 text:

I recommend you read ASA’s Sailing Made Easy before you start your lessons.

ASA beginner text
The ASA’s new book should be titled Sailing Made Safe and Easy

ASA 101 course objectives:

The successful ASA 101+ Ocean Sailing Basics student will be able to sail a 36′ boat in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in the open ocean. A graduate will master all points of sail and all fundamental maneuvers as skipper and as crew. There is major (major, major) emphasis on getting underway and docking.

An economy sailboat charter trip to Anacapa must include a visit to the lighthouse and Arch Rock
Learn to sail on an adult-size boat

If you’ve never skippered a boat, this is the place to start. If it doesn’t work out for you – you get seasick for instance – you’re not locked in.


Typically, three or four  lessons, approximately 12 hours for a student who has minimum or absolutely no previous boating experience. Your crew (up to 3 total) is invited as well, and the hourly fee covers everyone.


$125 per hour weekdays, $150/hour weekends and holidays.

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Sail for just a few hours …. or several days