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Wiley is the perfect boat for economy sailboat charter for up to four people

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Sail for a few hours … or sail all day.*

For $195/hour M-Th and $225/ hour Fri-Sunday, you’ll have a captain and a yacht and a chance to sail a most beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean. Click BOOK NOW for availability. Call 805.750.7828 for additional information.

Sail all day with up to four for $1250 weekdays, $1438 weekends*
We’re heading for to the islands for lunch.
A trip around Anacapa must include a visit to the lighthouse and Arch Rock on a economy sailboat rental sailboat charter
A trip to Anacapa must include a visit to the lighthouse and Arch Rock

Anacapa is about two and a half hours from our home port. We like to get under way on our economy sailboat rental about 1000 and come home about 1700 (5pm), but we can flex with your schedule. I

We’ll circumnavigate the island

Anacapa is about five miles long (it’s really three very closely spaced islands), and yet is only one square mile. Nevertheless, folks tried to raise goats and sheep here – in spite of the size and in spite of the lack of water. There are some great stories about this spot, but I’ll save those for the cruise.

All-day economy sail charter frequently encounter amazing wildlife
We don’t chase whales, but sometimes they come to us, like this mom and calf pair

The Santa Barbara Channel abounds with wildlife. They tell us that our little patch of the Pacific has more than 150,000 sea lions, seals of several varieties, two species of dolphin that we see all the time and bajillions of seabirds and whales: blue, humpback, gray, finback, minke and occasionally Orcas, which are not whales, but dolphins. But we’re not arguing the point.

Wanna sail?

If you’re experienced, I’ll just stand back. If you’re a beginner, I’ll give

Wiley is easy to sail on an economy charter with Sail Channel Islands
Sail the boat as much as you like

you some basic instruction. This is a sailboat rental with lots of extras and added safety.

Wiley is 36 feet, not small, but she’s not huge either.


I’ll serve lunch when we’re sheltered from the wind in the lee of the island  It’s usually deli sandwiches, fruit, dessert (don’t let me take any!), soft drinks and water  and chips (don’t let me have any of that, either). We’ll talk about what you’d like to eat when we set up your cruise.

Please call me at 805.750.7828 with your questions or to book an economy sailboat charter. Or e-mail me at Day Cruises with your questions.

*There is  5% harbor tax on all charters.

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Sail for just a few hours …. or several days

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