ASA 104 Bareboat training/Intermediate Coastal Cruising

ASA 104 Luxury Overnight Sailing

ASA 104 bareboat training is for folks who want to sail on their own

NOTE: All passengers must present vaccination card documenting full course of Covid-19 immunizations

Bareboat lessons are a better investment than life insurance for newer sailors
99% of yachtsmen know nothing about anchoring overnight. The prospect scares them.

So you want to go bareboating? Perhaps you’re planning on a charter in the Virgin Islands or the Mediterranean. Or maybe it’ll be your own boat right here in the Channel Islands.

On your own

Being on your own on the ocean is a whole different world from day sailing – and I’d like to be the one who shows you around this new environment and works with you on ASA 104 Bareboat training.

Planning for bareboat

How much planning do you do for a typical day sail? Lunch, extra layers of clothing, quick weather check and you’re out the door, right?

When you’re a planning on being a long way from anywhere, careful planning and consideration of the contingencies is essential. Our bareboat lessons are not prescriptive but ask you to think your way through situations that are likely to occur. We’ll tackle

Weather is a big factor in bareboat lessons
The weather will change on your sailing trip in the Channel Islands.
  • Navigation & chart interpretation
  • Electronic navigation
  • Weather analysis
  • Personal gear
  • Foul weather prep
  • Emergency preparation
  • Menus & cooking
  • Crew training and practice
  • Rules of the road
  • Anchoring, single hook and bow & stern

Previous day coastal cruising experience as skipper of 30′(min) boat plus experience as navigator capable of chart interpretation, planning, determining position through visual fixes, dead reckoning and fuel management.
If you have no experience with dead reckoning navigation, taking fixes and the like,  training such as my Coastal Navigator course or ASA 105, which is offered online, would be a quick road to mastery of the principles.

bareboat lessons include advanced anchoring skills
Sancerre rides to anchor at Forney’s anchorage on a Bareboat Lessons Cruise.


  • Bareboat Chartering Made Easy
  • Annapolis Book of Seamanship
  • Rules of the Road
  • Light List
  • Chart One
  • “Bowditch”
  • Local charts
  • Cruising guide

Formal Course Objectives:
The student can choose either a Catalina 36 or a Jeanneau 46 for an overnight – or multi-night – sail to Catalina or as far north as Point Conception.

The student will be able to operate all boats systems and will be qualified to act as skipper for all daytime operations, including heavy weather sailing, anchoring, crew overboard, piloting and basic dead reckoning navigation in addition to use of radar, GPS, chart plotter, SPOT, AIS and other electronic devices. Night sailing is an option.The course includes the use of radar (with MARPA target tracking on the Jeanneau), GPS and chart plotter.

Yachts available

ASA 104 extra curricular
There is plenty of time to explore on ASA 104 training cruises

We recommend the Jeanneau as it is typical of boats you’ll find in the Moorings and Sunsail fleets.

BTW – she  can accommodate two couples.

The Catalina is suitable if you’re taking bareboat lessons by yourself or this is the sort of boat you’re thinking of buying.

Call me: 805.750.7828

Or e-mail  your ASA 104 bareboat lesson questions to ASA 104 query.

The fees are the normal charter rates for Sancerre, the Jeanneau 45.2 and Wiley, our Catalina 36, so, in effect, the lessons are free.

Bareboat Charter Texts

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