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Capt./Chaplain Dan will work with you to create a wedding at sea as unique as you are.

Wedding at sea ceremony by Capt. Dan
Yes, we wear lifejackets, though not usually during the wedding at sea ceremony

Capt./Chaplain Dan will make your wedding at sea intimate, charming and affordable. We can celebrate  all day or be home in two
hours. We can take up to six in the wedding party. If you choose, we can head to a secluded anchorage where we’ll drop the hook and prepare a wedding feast as you enjoy the scenery.

A wedding feast is possible in a wedding at sea
Our banquets can be sumptuous or simple.

The timing and content of the ceremony is entirely up to you.

Reminder: get your marriage license before we sail

To prepare, I will meet with you a month or so before the wedding to get to know you and pull together the elements I need for the wedding at sea ceremony.

Brian and Mallory renew their commitment every year …. this time aboard Wiley.

You’ll likely write your own vows and I’ll take your individual stories and weave them together into a ceremony unlike any other. These are usually secular humanist ceremonies  with little reference to any deity, but we’ll craft a wedding at sea that is just what you want. All that said, if you’re short on time, we can still make it happen.

Who has a wedding at sea with Capt. Dan?

Most weddings take place on the foredeck while we’re at anchor … so, no, you won’t have to wear a life jacket over your tuxedo. But it is a good idea to wear sensible shoes, (girls).

The first time I performed a wedding, it was for my cousin. I never got a clear answer on why he picked me, but it had something to do with the fact that he and his bride did not share a religion. That’s been the case for many of the couples I’ve married. Others just didn’t want to go through the ordeal of a huge wedding; others didn’t want any part of any church but didn’t want to go through a hard-edged justice of the peace recital. And more than a handful were embarking on a second marriage and pretty sure that the exhaustively pretty bouquets, yards of lace and silk and unctuous preaching had done them much good on their first try.

wedding at sea ring ceremony
Sailing home together

My services don’t work for everyone, particularly for those who get seasick. On the other hand, I’m also happy to do California weddings on the beach, just about anywhere …. other than a church.

Call Capt. Dan at 805750.7858 or  e-mail me your questions

Sail for just a few hours …. or several days

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