Ford Point

Moor about midpoint in the bight to avoid westerly swell.
Moor about midpoint in the bight to avoid westerly swell.
Loc: South coast Santa Rosa Lat: N 33-55.08 Long: W 120-02.75 Last visit: Sept.  2009
Tide/Sun/Moon/WX Dist: 5 Bechers Bay WX
Chart 18728 Santa Cruz Passage Google Earth
Skipper:Capt. Dan Boat: S/V Sancerre Capt. Dan Port: Channel Islands
Landing Permit Local Notice to Mariners NPS Alerts

Why Ford Point?

NOAA chart 18728
NOAA chart 18728

The smart-ass answer is – because it’s there. It’s got a name. Other people have tried it. So we felt compelled to spend a night there.

And we won’t do that again. There just isn’t enough room or deep enough water to be comfortable. And why bother with Johnsons Lee a smidge over four miles away?

How we did it

You can’t ask for a more straight forward approach and anchoring. On the other hand,  it is a little difficult to pick out Ford Point from very far off shore. San Augustin Canyon is the most obvious landmark in the vicinity.

We entered from the east and headed for the mid-point of the little cove, dropping our hook in about 15′ of water between the prominent rock on the shore and the point.


Nothing that’s not on the chart.


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