We’re in the lee of Near Point, anchored off Cañada Pozo in 25′ of water, sand bottom. Note: canyon in pic is not Pozo. That’s 90 degrees to the right. See Google Earth pic


Loc: SW Santa Cruz Island Lat: N33-58.6 Long: W119-51.9 Last visit: Nov 2021
Tide/Sun/Moon/WX Dist: 12 Bechers Bay, Santa Rosa WX
Chart 18728 Santa Cruz Passage NPS Alerts
Skipper: Capt. Dan Boat: S/V Sancerre Capt. Dan Port: Channel Islands
Landing Permit Required Nature Conservancy permit app
Local Notice to Mariners


Pozo, sometimes spelled Poso and inevitably pronounced Bozo by your crew, is an excellent place to go ashore for a hike.

NOAA chart 18728
NOAA chart 18728 click to enlarge

But it is not a place to stay overnight as any increase in west winds will sweep around the point followed by a vicious, breaking swell.

Approach & Anchoring

The canyon offers the prospect of an excellent hike into areas of ancient seabed.

Pozo/Poso is in the lee of Near Point. Precisely what it is near, I don’t know. And the point is unnamed on NOAA charts, but the anchorage  is easily located by finding Morse Point, which is a bit over a mile to the southeast and then locating the two seven-hundred-foot mountains that flank the canyon.

We were interested in hiking Cañada Poso and looking for geological signs of the ancient seabed. So we anchored directly off the mouth of said canyon in 25′ on a sand bottom, several hundred yards from the rocky point.

Pozo is Spanish but Poso is the Portugese pronunciation and means, according to Wikipedia, a well. In this case, more specifically, a deep pool in the course of a river.

Going Ashore

Pozo/Poso anchorage

There was a  small swell gently breaking on the shore when we launched two kayaks and two paddle boards.

Three of the four made it without incident, but one kayak rolled and left the occupants laughing in the (relatively) warm November surf.

Note to self: take your stuff ashore in a dry bag and pack a sense of humor.

Landing Permits Required

If you intend to go ashore, you’ll need a landing permit  from the Nature Conservancy. The link in the grid takes you to their online payment system.


If you have new or amplifying information concerning this anchorage or the surrounding area, please contact Capt. Dan. His e-mail link is at top left.

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