Menus by Chef Dennis

Chef Dennis
Chef Dennis

Chef Dennis will end our great day of sailing with a great dinner and great wines from the GRAEF Winery. He likes to be securely anchored an hour or two before sunset and then serves aperitifs on deck as we watch the sun slip behind the mountains. Meanwhile, he

slips below to our French Galley to prepare a dinner fit for a King or a Captain and that is hearty enough for a boatswain.

Here are dinners that have become the favorites of our guests over the years. On the other hand, we can step up to whatever plate you like, be that from this list or Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Cumin-free …. whatever. Just let us know and we’ll figure it out.

Salmon Sancerre

Grilled Salmon, topped with avocado, cilantro and mild salsa
Sautéed Asparagus with Mediterranean spices
Mixed green salad with herb dressing
white wine and home made gourmet dessert

We dine family style. Happy family style.
London Broil
Dinner aboard Sancerre
Dinner in the main saloon

Classic Grilled London Broil
choice of sautéed green beans or classic baked beans
Mixed green salad with herb dressing
red wine and home made gourmet dessert

Stuffed Pasta Shells

Pasta shells stuffed with spicy Italian chicken sausage, ricotta cheese, herbs and spices topped with tomato sauce
Mixed green salad with herb dressing
red wine and home made gourmet dessert

Roasted Chicken
Roast chicken — it’s on almost everyone’s diet.

Oven roasted chicken with herbs and spices from Provence.  Salad of field greens with herb dressing (suggested wine pairing – Graef Viognier)

Broiled Tilapia

Tilapia broiled with lemon and capers sautéed vegetable, mixed green salad with herb dressing, white wine and home made gourmet dessert.

Chicken, Shrimp or Vegetable Curry

Chicken, Shrimp or an assortment of fresh sautéed vegetables in a spicy (mild to hot depending on your tastes) yellow Thai Curry sauce, served over a bed of Saffron rice, garnished with golden raisins, pistachio nuts and cilantro. Rocket salad with lemon and olive oil dressing. (recommended wine pairing – Graef Rosé)

Penne Pasta à salmon

Penne pasta with smoked salmon in a light cream and vodka sauce,

mixed green salad with herb dressing, white wine and home-made gourmet dessert

Angel Hair pasta
Med lunch is Capt. Dan’s favorite.

Angel Hair pasta in a light lemon cream sauce, with prosciutto, peas and Romano cheese, mixed green salad with herb dressing, white wine and home-made gourmet dessert.

Snacks can be simple or run to the gourmet with imported cheeses, pate and fine wine on luxury charter cruises
Snacks can be simple or run to the gourmet with imported cheeses, pate and fine wine
BBQ Spare Ribs

BBQ pork Spare Ribs with a spicy rub, Bosun’s secret recipe, BBQ sauce classic baked beans. mixed green salad with herb dressing, red wine or beer and home made gourmet dessert

Sea Bream in Asian Mirin Sauce

Sea Bream (snapper, cod or similar fish) sautéed in olive oil and fresh garlic finished in Asian Mirin Sauce. Served with root vegetables, and salad. (suggested wine pairing – Graef Viognier)

Hummus, anyone?
Zucchini Lasagna

Meatless, pasta-less, lasagna with zucchini, mushrooms, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses in home-made mild spicy tomato sauce.  Salad of field greens, herb dressing or Caesar Salad (suggested wine pairing – Graef Syrah)

Tuscan Turkey Patties
Tuscan turkey patties, typically served with Caesar salad

Sautéed ground turkey with Arugula, basil, diced red peppers and Italian herbs and spices  served over a bed of Arugula with olive oil and lemon (for those Keto diet inclined) or over a bed of pasta with butter, olive oil and garlic with a Caesar Salad. Suggested wine pairing – Graef Viognier

Side Dishes

Choose from:

  • Sautéed green beans
  • Sautéed Asparagus
  • Basmati or Saffron Rice
  • Zucchini with tomato and parmesan cheese in a butter and wine sauce
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Spinach (sautéed or bechamel sauce)



Lunch on deck
Mediterranean lunch is a spectrum of delight

We’ve got to be flexible with the midday meal. Sometimes food gets in the way of kayaking, hiking or sailing. On those occasions, we provide bag lunches and trail mix. Other times it’s a leisurely affair, a dining experience. And remember, fruit and cookies are always available in the galley.

Here are some of lunch our favorites:

Captain’s Choice: Mediterranean Deli Platter

An assortment of imported cheeses, paté, sausage stuffed grape leaves and other assorted Mediterranean delights,  bread
white wine (of course).
Warning: this menu is frequently followed by a nap.

Salmon in Vodka Sauce over Penne Pasta
Grill: Fawgeddaboud cholesterol

Grilled Sausage on French Rolls, sauerkraut, garnishes,
beer in most instances. Soft drinks if you must.

Hero sandwiches

Assorted meats, cheeses, veggies and other garnishes …
chips and the like plus beer, soft drinks, water, if you dare.

Chef’s Salad
A salad fit for a king …. or a Caesar

Same as the Hero, but substitute lettuce for bread and choice of dressings for mustard, beer, wine, etc.

Caesar Salad

Chopped Romain lettuce with Bosun’s home-made Caesar Dressing, croutons, and Romano cheese (optional add protein)

Bosun’s Gazpacho

Traditional Mediterranean cold soup made with all the normal ingredients plus a few of the Bosun’s secret additions. Garnished with croutons and chopped hard boiled eggs.

Tuscan Tomato Bread Soup

Traditional hearty tomato, bread and vegetable soup. Hot with just a touch of spice. Garnished with croutons


Beef, Turkey, or veggie patties, tomato, cheese, lettuce, avocado (?) on whole wheat Buns or Brioche Buns, chips and beverages

Vegetarian BLT

Morningstar vegetarian bacon, avocado, Havarti cheese, tomato, and micro greens on whole wheat bread. Chips and beverages


While you’re waiting for breakfast, enjoy a cuppa on deck.

We – the crew – always starts the day with French roast brewed in a French press in our French Galley. You can have some, too. But if you want tea or hot cocoa, you’ll have to give us a minute.

Chef Dennis believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. He believes that right up until lunchtime.

Breakfasts tend to be hearty aboard Sancerre, but fruit, cereal or sweet rolls are always ready to serve.

Chef Dennis Breakfast Daily Kickoff Choices:

Spinach & Sausage & Egg Scramble
In summer, when the sun is up late enough, we dine on deck.
When the weather is nice, which is most of the time, we dine al fresco, though we don’t routinely have wine at breakfast.

Eggs, spicy Italian sausage, mushrooms, spinach, diced tomatoes, avocado, cheese with flour tortillas. Enough nourishment to sail, hike and paddle all day.

Hash and Eggs

Hash, eggs, cast iron skillet, lots of heat

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

Eggs, vegetarian chorizo, diced tomatoes, avocado, cheese. Lose the cheese and make it Vegan

Sausage, Spinach and Egg Scramble (can you tell this is our fav?)

Same as our Spinach & Sausage & Egg Scramble, but backwards.

Tamales and Eggs
Kabobs … not for breakfast, but how about brunch?

Beef, pork, chicken or green chile tamales, with ranchero sauce and eggs (your choice – we prefer over easy, but we’ll fix ‘em any way you like ‘em)

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Milk, raisins, brown sugar

Sweet Rolls

Hardly anyone asks for this, at least not Californians.


Dietary restrictions? Hard to please?

Let us know if there are foods we should avoid. We eat family style, but have always been able to work out a way for everyone to sit back, satisfied after every meal.

Keto — No problem

Diets …. we’ll accommodate most any request.

All I have to say is “YUM!”


Vegan — of course we can

Sail for just a few hours …. or several days

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