Santa Rosa Island Anchorages

There are two Santa Rosa Island anchorages we frequent: Northwest Anchorage in Bechers Bay and Johnsons Lee plus three others that we have done just for the cruising guide and the right to say, “been there.”

The Northwest Anchorage at Bechers and Johnsons are both excellent anchorages, requiring only one hook. They’re easy to find and protected from swells. Neither hides you very well from strong westerlies.

Ford Point (beautiful, but exposed) and the Southeast Anchorage in Bechers Bay (pretty on the day we tried it, but very, very exposed and a lee shore when the wind does come up.) and Skunk Point, which is reputed to be one of the best surf spots on the west coast.

Santa Rosa Island is definitely now worth the time to explore as it is mostly open – no  more hunters. But there are a few important conservation restrictions. Check NPS Alerts for closures, restrictions and warnings.


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