All-Day sail charter to Anacapa Island

Private Charter

All day sail charter to Anacapa Island
Take the helm if you like … or kickback and we’ll do it all.

It’s just you and your party of up to six and your captain on a French luxury yacht bound for the Channel Islands on an all-day sail charter.

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Do it all, or just watch us!

You can drive the yacht and try your hand at navigation. You can kayak and snorkel …  or you can just sit back and relax while we cruise

Fin Whale inspects sail channel Islands
Finback whale comes close aboard …. and stays

through Channel Islands National Park. It’s all up to you. And you can disconnect for the day! There are no cell towers in the Santa Barbara Channel, so you’ll have the perfect excuse to not answer calls and emails.

There are only a few ways to get here and this is the only one that is ecologically friendly. We’ll use a quart of diesel or so and leave only bubbles in the environment.

Heading home from an all-day charter to Anacapa on the best sailboat rental in Ventura
Heading home from an all-day charter to Anacapa

We’ll leave Channel Islands harbor about 10 a.m, but we’re able to flex with your schedule and will depart when it suits you.

It takes 2-3 hours to sail to Anacapa Island, where we’ll drop the hook.

We look for a sheltered bay, usually Frenchy’s Cove, Cathedral Cove or East Fish Camp.

Anacapa Island chart
Anacapa is the smallest of the Channel Islands. Its small, sheltered coves are our favorite spots for lunch.

Once the anchor is set, we’ll prepare lunch, and,  if the weather is satisfactory, we’ll launch the kayaks so you can explore while we’re busy in the galley.

Anacapa is the smallest of the Channel Islands, roughly five miles long and a bit less than half a mile wide at most points.

The Chumash named it Ennepah, which means ephemeral or changing, probably a reference to changes in shape and color when viewed from the mainland.

There’s no water here other than condensate from the fog, yet there were some interesting characters who lived on the island before it was part of the National Park. More about that when we sail.

After lunch


Kayaking at Channel Islands National Park, Anacapa Island
Kayaking in a quiet cove

We’ll explore the north coast and see the historic lighthouse, countless sea lions, dolphins, pelicans, oyster catchers,  maybe a bald eagle and thousands and thousands of migrating sea birds in spring and fall.

Want to learn to sail? We’ll teach you as much as you can absorb in a day.

 All day sail charter with up to six passengers for $1695

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Sail for just a few hours …. or several days