Wiley can host funerals at sea for up to four pax

Funerals at sea

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Sail Channel Islands provides memorial services and funerals  at sea

Though many cruises are strictly for fun and entertainment, we carry on the most serious business we humans know – saying the final good-bye to loved ones and friends. Here, on the bosom of the Pacific, we lay to rest the cremated remains of those closest in somber funerals at sea.

It is a quiet time, a time spent in reflection, but for almost every family, it is also a time of great beauty, a time for contemplation in the silence of the sea.

At your behest, I can act as your chaplain or, as most families do, – you can perform your service entirely on your own. I’ll navigate and/or officiate as you choose.

We can take up to four people on our smaller yacht and up to six on Sancerre, our Jeanneau 46.

Please call me with your questions – 805.750.7828 or send an e-mail to Funerals at Sea.


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